Sunday, February 28, 2010

Personalized Dolls for JW

I’ve made these 3 lovely dolls for JW’s sisters that helped out on her wedding day. JW wanted me to personalize the dolls according to their favorite colors and hairstyles! She loves them a lot. Hope her sisters too….

I was trying to create a Chinese New Year mood for this shot, because we are still celebrating Chinese New Year… LOL


Sister 1: JW wanted a hair-band for her. I was using the Gold Spark yarn I got from Knotty Bicsie.


Sister 2: She loves Pink and White and she will like to have a halo of flowers on her head…. :)


Sister 3: Is my favorite! She has curly hair… I really like to do curly hair dolls, they look so cute! Then her favorite color is purple, so I added 2 purple ribbons at the side to make her cuter!!!

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Barbara said...

Oh and here are three more wonderful little creations! you really do delightful work.