Sunday, October 25, 2009

Joel 9th month old

Wah, time really flies... 3 more months and Joel will turn 1 year old! This little baby is going to be a toddler soon... He has been learning new things almost everyday. Now, he can listen to some simple instructions...

He knows how to clap hands when we asked him to clap. When we asked for Hi-5, he'll raise up his hand... He likes to stand up on his own by holding on something. Well, getting naughtier, of cos and always like to pretend to cry when we ignore him or scold him.

This little baby can really eat a lot! He can finish half rice bowl of porridge in less than half and hour! We let him taste almost all kind of veges and fruits except meat. I plan to start him on meat diet when he's around 10th or 11th month.

8th months

This month, I was sick for at least 2 weeks and even got warded for 2 nights due to asthma attack... :( Thank God Joel behaved pretty well with my husband and my mom in law... Just that, he refused to drink formula cos all the while he was breast-fed. Even if he's hungry, he'll just drink like 3 oz from bottle.. Sigh... It's all my fault. I should have mixed breast milk and formula.

Joel likes to make a lot of sounds these days... Sounds like, mamammamama and bababababa... So, when he made any sound, I'll response to him and he'll continue making. Hopefully, he can call us real soon. He is teething too... Two from the bottom and another two from the top are coming out soon.


We are going for a short trip end of November!! So, finally, Joel has his own passport!! It was so fast and convenient to make a S'porean passport. It's all online! I took his passport picture and then applied online. Within 3 days, we were asked to collect from the Immigration office. Less than half and hour of waiting, we've collected the passport.


Joel in his PJ... =P


Knotty Bicsie said...

Jullie, u've been a great Mummy! That's why Joel's so healthy & happy! :)

Passport photo in pj?!?! iyo... :P

Jullie Teo said...

Hi Betsy,
Thanks... :) I'm sure next time you and Ed will be great parents too!!! Jia YOU!!!

Special le, passport photo in PJ.... =P

Janet C said...

He's growing fast! When he starts walking/ warned! *wink*

Jullie Teo said...

Hi Janet,

Yes!! Now i'm already playing 'catching' with him... =P