Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wedding Dolls for YL

YL asked me to make a pair of wedding dolls for a good friend of hers.... I had send her my usual list of of questionnaires to personalize the dolls, well, she never send back to me at all!! It's up to me to personalize. GREAT!

So, I did this pair... It's a simple but elegant ones... Not too overly accessorized and not too colorful... Just plain white... Initially I was very worried that she might rejects it cos compared to the other wedding pairs, this pair considers the 'simplest' & 'plainest'... =P

THANK GOD! She likes them very much. Especially the bride...She like the lacy gown, low back gown (forgot to snap the back view of the bride) & the hair decoration too (very her, cos she likes ribbons)... Something new, she said... =P

Well, I hope her friend will like it too... Wish the newly weds abundant happiness!!




Knotty Bicsie said...

I like the hair accessories! :)

Jullie Teo said...

Same here Betsy... ;)

sleepygwen said...

i lit this pair too!! whn will mine b rdy?

Jullie Teo said...

Hehehehe... You need it by Nov rite? Soon la.. Don worry... ;)

l780717 said...

jullie... i like this pair of wedding couple too... and i do love ribbon too... more elegant look.. you did a good job...:) nice try

Jullie Teo said...

Thanks Jin.... :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jullie,

Am the bride that received this pair of dolls =) Love it and really touch and sweet of YL to get for me the gift. All my frenz who came to my house said the gifts are lovely!Last but not least Thanks for your hard work too ;)


Jullie Teo said...

Hi Min,

Glad you like them... :) May God bless you and your husband... :)

Cheers, Jul

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jul =)