Monday, September 7, 2009

Tong's Birthday @ U.Me

Last Saturday we attended my niece, Tong's birthday party. It's held @ U.Me, a two storey unit that is located on the ground floor of a very old HDB flat at Indus Road. Pretty cool place!!


One year ago, I've made her a bean-sprout husk pillow and now she's already ONE! Time really flies!!

We bought her a Go-Baby Go! Stride-To-Ride Lion by Fisher Price from Taka's baby fair. Though this little girl already know how to walk, hopefully she'll enjoy riding it.

image image

Besides that, I bought these lovely personalized hair clips from a good friend cum companion of mine, YL. She did a good job on the clips. Can see that she put a lot of her efforts & sincerity to make these hair clips, that they don't look like handmade at all! Even my cousin thought I bought them from some departmental store. Well done YL!!


It was a good time to catch up with my aunt and some of my cousin's friends & cousin-in-law's relatives... Not forgetting the food! Yummy!!

My dear boy was enjoying himself too... He talked a lot that day, well, I mean blabbered a lot! And pretty friendly too cos anyone could just carry him!! Good BOY! ;)


Taken with Joel's grand-aunt. My eldest aunt.  


tong's bday

Well, before the party ended, my boy was so tired that he literally fallen asleep on his daddy's arm... It was really an enjoyable party...


"Happy Happy Blessed Birthday Tong.... "

Love 婷姨,Alan 姨丈 & Joel 弟弟.

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