Sunday, August 16, 2009

Singapore Toys, Games & Comic Convention 2009

Last Saturday we went to Singapore Toys, Games & Comic Convention 2009. Purpose of going was to visit my brother, Jin's booth. He and his friend rented a booth to sell their artwork. It was also our first time attending the convention and I was very surprised with the outcome! It was so interesting!

When I went in, immediately I saw Blythe Doll booth! My favorite doll... Sigh... My hub just refused to get one for me, cos he finds it very very very scary, especially the eyes... Anyway, I have one miniature Blythe Doll that I've bought during my trip to Japan 3 years ago.



My brother booth was located behind the Blythe Doll booth.. He, too, finds that Blythe looks scary!



This is my brother Jin,


And, this is his girlfriend, MayLing... Both of them are arty people.



Jin's work...


Others exhibitors...

Hmm... I bought something too... A doll that comes from Korea. Pretty cute. It is called Ddung...



Knotty Bicsie said...

Ddung is very cute! wow! Looks so exciting! I'm sure I would've burnt a BIG hole in my pocket if I were there! :P

Janet C said...

Funny, the guys find Blythe scarry! Paul also dislike her! She's kindda cute and many have designed/made some pretty clothes for her!

Jullie Teo said...

Hi Betsy, you didn't know about this? I thought u know.... It's really interesting. But can't find ur astro boy... :p

Hi Janet, Yea! I like Blythes mainly because of their string of beautiful clothing... However, it's really ex. Gonna think twice before buying....