Monday, January 12, 2009

What for Breakfast?

Most of the morning, I'll have bread with butter & kaya... Cos that's the easiest and most economical way to feed myself every morning... However, last Saturday, we ran out of bread. Dear Hub didn't buy the night before. So, no bread... =P I was so lazy to go down. So, I've decided to make pan cake.

When I was young, pan cake was always the solutions to feed our hunger... Cos, it's easy to do. My brother is very good in making pan cake. During our exam period and while stayed up late, he would be the one making pan cake for our supper... Yummy!

Here goes the recipe of the pancake:


100g of flour

100ml of fresh milk/water

1 egg

Sugar to taste


Mix the egg and milk/water evenly. And add the flour and mix thoroughly. Lastly, add sugar. Drop ladle of batter onto the preheated and lightly greased pan. Use low fire. Until you'll see bubble, then flip to the other side.


For Serving... We love to put kaya & butter or if you have peanut butter, better still. Then, roll the pancake... Wah! YUMMY!!





Yee said...

Hungry now~ :p

dofsarah said...

Isaac loves those ready pancake mix, just add egg and fresh milk! NOrmally i will put ice-cream, chocolate fudge and blueberry sauce on top of the pancake! i dun eat that..i guess must be yummo coz isaac and benny fights over this!! LOL!

Jullie Teo said...

Hi Sista!! Long time no see... BB is still happily swimming inside me... Doc said might be late.. ;) Thank GOD! I pray that everything is fine.

Please do keep me in prayer.