Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Baby Project No. 1: Bean sprout Husk Pillow Cases

Finally, starting on my baby projects... Well, most of them involve sewing and I never know how to sew properly... =P

Start with the easiest project, making pillow case.

If you follow my blog, I have this entry about bean sprout husk pillow. My cousin told me it's very useful. So, I made 5 more pillows.

Look easy huh.... BUT I've spend 1 hour plus on the first pillow case. =P Thanks to my aunt, she taught me how to get my sewing right. Otherwise, I think I'll spend more than an hour.


I like the fabrics very much. I bought them from Spotlight and Chinatown.


chocolatelover said...

OMG.. do you need to have 5 husk sprouts pillow??? One such pillow can last very long leh..

you really adore Joel... !!!

Jullie Teo said...

It's for my friend and my cousin too... I only keep two... :)