Saturday, November 1, 2014

Wedding Dolls for Feona

Love stories of two beautiful people; There were two strangers who came from the same hometown. Both left home to study and work in another country at very young age for many many years. But, fate has brought these two strangers together when they decided to go back to their hometown due to commitments... And that's where another blissful new beginning starts.

Congrats to Feona and his fiance who will be getting married soon! I'm really happy for both of you. May God bless you with abundant love and joy!

Feona is not only my childhood friend but also my great supporter! She bought wedding dolls from me and had long for one. It's really a great joy to make this pair of dolls for her.

I've changed the hairdo style this time and I love it to the max! Recently, I have friends and supporters told me that there are some crocheters charge a pair of wedding dolls at very low price! LOL! My spies!! When they told me the price, I had a shock. I wonder what are they profiting from this business. Or are they just doing this for fun? Or do they get foreign talents to do it for them?

I'm really sad and disappointed because by doing this, it affects the value of handmade! Handmade is usually more expensive because it's labor intensive. A pair of wedding dolls, usually will take 2 to 3 FULL days (approx. 8 hrs) to complete.
              - 1.5 days to crochet all the parts
              - 0.5 day to assemble
              - 1 days to dress up the dolls
Excluding, design brainstorm & iteration, probably take another day. For me, also excluding the materials! The laces that I'm using are high quality laces from Japan and the good quality embellishments, such as Swarovski crystals are genuine where I get it from the certified Swarovski crystals suppliers. Probably another 5% - 10% of the price. So, tell me, am I over priced my handmade?!

Well, I can't possibly confront these crocheters. All I can do is to share with you my sentiments. If you are crocheters who were approached to make my dolls but at 50% cheaper, I care a lot for you cos my dolls are considered big with lots of customization. Don't look down on your value! Please think about what I've shared here.

However, I'm really grateful to those who really appreciate handmade. They are looking for quality and unique handmade,  these are the people whom I respect and will do my best to deliver it! Seeing your grins with sparkles in those eyes is my greatest accomplishment and satisfaction!

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