Friday, September 26, 2014

Personalized Dolls for 7 Good Friends

A lovely lady wanted to personalize dolls for her 7 good friends. These dolls were personalized based on their features & interest.

She likes to play tennis. We crocheted the doll in sports attire and holding a tennis racket.

She likes to bake & habit of smoking. This is my favorite! The cake is cute & the cigarette is so real!
She's a cat lover. 

The rocket represented this pretty doll. Her friend has her fringe highlighted in green. And she likes to wear long black dress... 

Probably she likes to drink MILO (Chocolate powder), so she wanted this doll to hold a tin of Milo... Always in jeans and sneakers. 

She loves macrons and always in cardigan. She has long hair with bang. 

She loves to sing. She's always in skirts and slippers. 

She's her former classmate. We crocheted a backpack for this doll to carry. 

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