Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wedding Couple for Hazel’s friends, D & L

Hazel requested smaller version of wedding couple for her friends, D & L as their ROM’s gift…. :) Everything is crocheted… Simple, but sweet… :)

The height of both dolls are approx. 4” tall…

Hazel’s friends love them very much and send me an email:

“Mornin Jul,

My friend LOVE the dolls!! She thinks it's lovely and cute! ;)

Thanks again!! Looking forward to next, hehee =p

Cheers, Hazel”



Besides that, her friend also requested for a corsage… I’ve changed the design of the corsage a bit. Instead of using ribbon, I’ve used pearls… Well, seems like this design is very ‘IN’ now cos I have a few buyers requesting for that type of corsage…

Personally, I prefer this design than ribbon, because it’s easier to wear and also look more classy…. ;)


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