Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wedding Couple for Vic & Chr

This week is really a very very busy week for me! I have 3 pairs of wedding couples and 6 corsages to rush!! A bit crazy rite?? Been staying up late for the past few nights.  So far so good, I managed to finish 2 pairs and 6 corsages.Left last pair that due this coming Friday. Thank GOD I have a few good helpers to help me. A BIG THANKS to Betsy, Betsy’s mom and YL! Especially Betsy’s mom, she rushed 4 pairs of body for me… YL too, even though she’s on her holiday trip @ BKK, she never leave without her crochet needle and yarn… LOL!!!

Chr contacted me during July for a wedding couple, but that time I was very busy with Joel, I told her that I would get back to her when nearer to her wedding date which is this coming Thursday!

Her wedding theme is oriental vintage. I was excited and wanted to do her wedding couple because of her beautiful wedding gown! Of cos, I can’t do exactly the same but something similar. Her gown is a bit like ‘mermaid’ gown, which is tight on the top but flair at the bottom… Took me awhile to think how to sew the lace. Finally, this is the result… What do you think? Pretty rite!




I’m glad that Chr likes them a lot! To Vic and Chr, May God bless both of you with abundant Joy and Happiness…