Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Wedding Couple for Suz

Suz has ordered a wedding couple for her friend since March! I don't have any wedding picture for reference. So have to use my imagination to create this couple.



I've made a pair of white suit & pants for the bridegroom. As for the bride, I've made a simple gown decorated with crystals.

Mmm... After I've completed this couple, there's something wrong... So, I seek some advises from my friends as well as Suz. It was the bride. She looked quite plain. So I redo the gown for her.



I've crocheted a violet dress for her. This is the first time making a gown in other colours than white.... Initially, I was quite worried about the turn-out. After decorated with lace & beads ribbon... Hey, the bride looked very pretty... Thank God Suz likes it to.... :)