Friday, September 21, 2007

Wedding Corsages

Well, ribbon corsages are very common and you can just buy ribbon flowers from Spotlight or any handicraft shops. The glued them together on the ribbon. Mmm, I do not want to do that, I prefer to make something different and I've made this wedding corsages for all my bridesmaids. I have 5 bridesmaids.. I know... A lot!!! There are my very good friends and I really wanted to be my bridesmaids.... I'm using Japanese Acrylic yarn to crochet them... I've tried with other yarn but those colors are not as vibrant compare to Japanese Yarn, though it is more expensive. You can see it very clearly in close-up view. Besides that, I add strings of beads to give a different looks to the corsage. Finally, organza ribbon is used to tie around the wrist.

My friends kept the flowers and they even asked me to convert to a brooch!! (",)

corsage closeup_corsage oncloth

If will like to have these corsages, feel free to contact me... Normally, I'll use colors that match their bridesmaids' dresses.


Ciyou said...

I love ur crochet, u have so much patient on it . Your art work are so detail n nice. (thumbs)

Jullie Teo said...

Thanks... I really like this personally too..

Crocheting can really train a person patient...